Getting Started with HyperTTS

This article will help you get started with HyperTTS. You will learn how to create text-to-speech audio for your flashcards.

First, backup your Anki collection

In Anki, click File -> Export. Save the file on your hard drive. It's important to do this regularly (once a month) if you invest a lot of time in your Anki flashcard collection. This allows you to recover your cards even if you make a mistake.

Then, install the Hypertts Anki Addon

Install it from: In Anki, click Tools -> Add-ons, then click Get Add-ons. Type in the addon number:  111623432. After installation, restart Anki.

Configure Services

After restarting Anki, go to to Tools -> HyperTTS: Configuration. This dialog will allow you to configure which Text To Speech services to use. If you have an AwesomeTTS Plus / Language Tools / HyperTTS Pro API key, you can enter it under the HyperTTS Pro section.

You can also sign up for a trial API key simply by entering your email, which will be restricted to 5,000 characters.

For free services such as GoogleTranslate, Collins, you can simply click the Enable checkbox. For premium services, you will need an API key (unless you're a HyperTTS Pro subscriber). Once your selection is done, click Save.

How do you want your audio ?

There are two distinct ways of using HyperTTS. Select the one you want to continue this tutorial.

collection audio

  • Audio will be generated ahead of time.
  • Audio files will be stored in your collection.
  • Reviewing on mobile (iOS/Android) will sound the exact same way.
  • Cloze cards are not supported.

realtime audio

  • Audio will be generated as you review cards.
  • Your collection will not contain any audio files.
  • Reviewing on mobile will work on iOS, but with a different audio voice. Android not supported.
  • Cloze cards are supported.

The End !

This is the end of the tutorial. If you have any questions, please email Are you interested in trying AwesomeTTS , HyperTTS or Language Tools, to easily add Audio / Translation / Transliteration to your flashcards ? Signup for AwesomeTTS Plus.