Getting Started with AwesomeTTS

This article will help you get started with AwesomeTTS. You will learn how to create text-to-speech audio for your flashcards.

First, backup your Anki collection

In Anki, click File -> Export. Save the file on your hard drive. It's important to do this regularly (once a month) if you invest a lot of time in your Anki flashcard collection. This allows you to recover your cards even if you make a mistake.

Then, install the awesometts anki addon

Install it from: In Anki, click Tools -> Add-ons, then click Get Add-ons. Type in the addon number:  1436550454. After installation, restart Anki.

How do you want your audio ?

There are two distinct ways of using AwesomeTTS. Select the one you want to continue this tutorial.

Batch generation

  • Audio will be generated ahead of time.
  • Audio files will be stored in your collection.
  • Reviewing on mobile (iOS/Android) will sound the exact same way.
  • Cloze cards are not supported.

On the fly TTS

  • Audio will be generated as you review cards.
  • Your collection will not contain any audio files.
  • Reviewing on mobile will work on iOS, but with a different audio voice. Android not supported.
  • Cloze cards are supported.